Many fuelup commands deal with toolchains, a single installation of the Fuel toolchain. fuelup supports two types of toolchains.

  1. Distributable toolchains which track the official release channels (e.g., latest, nightly);
  2. Custom toolchains and install individual components in a modular manner.

Toolchain specification

Standard release channel toolchain names have the following form:


<channel>       = latest
<date>          = YYYY-MM-DD
<host>          = <target-triple>

'channel' is a named release channel. Channel names can be optionally appended with an archive date, as in nightly-2014-12-18, in which case the toolchain is downloaded from the archive for that date.

Finally, the host may be specified as a target triple.

Custom toolchains

For most use cases, using the officially packaged toolchains is good enough.

For advanced use cases, fuelup allows you to build a toolchain in a modular manner, and to specify specific versions of components to install.

To initialize a new, empty toolchain:

fuelup toolchain new my_toolchain

Now you can add/remove components to/from the toolchain as you wish:

fuelup component add forc

In custom toolchains, you can specify a specific version of a component to install:

fuelup component add [email protected]